Congratulations on creating superhomes!

Now that your site is created, you only need to take care of a couple preliminary items.

I'm going to give you a little information about house construction . You go through here through the second entrance and it's the way to the bathroom. We have a normal bath, small size. With a shower head, a sink, and a composting toilet. We've got a dual compartment thing going on. You have the waste and urine, and we've added this extra part of it that when you wash your hands, the water will flow through the urine compartment and keep it fresh. In the future, there's going to be a sliding door over here. Then you come through the kitchen, into our tiny house. We've got extra features like… We can move up our leg for extra working space. This cabinet contains all of our kitchen stuff. And it can drip down, so it saves a lot of time when cleaning all of it. It has LED lighting, and of course a fridge. Which is the most efficient one we could find.

And I added this little cabinet for the storage of beer and wine. Instead of sleeping up in the loft, we use this loft for storage, and we plan to sleep downstairs. We'll show you in a second. On this side, we sit and eat. We're going to change this table for something that slides out and makes it more comfortable to have multiple guests. The wood stove has an extra compartment in the back. That is a heat exchanger. When you heat up the stove, water runs through the element and heats up the boiler at the front. That way we can have hot water with our stove. Right here you can see that we are sleeping downstairs. We did it for multiple reasons. Because it's easier to sleep downstairs in the summer time. It's less hot than when you're all the way up there. These shelves are our stairs, and this is where we keep our clothes.

You just walk up, and this is gonna be a seating area with a desk and some more storage on this side. That way when I sit down, I can just overview everything inside and outside. So that's pretty neat. And we've added these lights, which can be switched to the other side. That's for when you're planning on sitting down here. So you can just change the whole setup the way you want it to be. On this side we've got two opening doors. So this is our main entrance. And when you get outside, you can see that we've a side that is burned wood.

You can actually see it? Its a technique called Shou Sugi Ban, which is Japanese. and that way you can improve the wood so it doesn't burn, it doesn't get wet. Its more durable for all the time being. This is probably the most important part of the whole thing. We've got two batteries with a solar charger invert er compartment. Even reads out the whole thing on how much you use and how much you bring up. It makes two kinds of electricity, like 230 volts and 12 volts. We've got a set up going on, with one side the 230 and on the other side, the 12 volts just to see how it goes. On this side, we've got the boiler. Which is for hot water. And on this side we're going to have the drinking water.